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For less than the price of the annual Magento Enterprise Premium subscription that doesn’t include an ERP (like SAP, MS Dynamics, Pronto, etc.), get your ecommerce site plus ERP system, royalty free delivered in two months.

  • Complete CRM, ERP, financials, supply chain management software along with a state of the art integrated online commerce system
  • Migrate your current Magento, osCommerce or other eCommerce system where you might otherwise need to get SAP, Microsoft Dynamics or other ERP systems at ridiculous costs
  • Update products, pricing in one place and it gets updated across the web platform
  • “Because we have an integrated ERP system that produces consistent data over the years, we can exploit the information to come up with cost reduction and strategy improvement ideas. Data makes it easier to justify these innovations.”.

    -Lalit Panda, Global Head of Information Technology

Your online ecommerce site is one of the important ways you sell your products. If you have retail outlets, POS systems or more than one ecommerce site then managing the pricing details across all these channels involves multiple people keeping the pricing, products and promotions all in sync.

Once your store has over 30,000 products, managing contacts, price, images, promotions becomes even more complicated as all this data exists in many different places – Magento store, ERP system, POS system, CRM system, Spreadsheets and hand notes. Managing this conflicting and duplicated Data is very time consuming and error prone. Attempts to get a customer view of what is happening across channels is next to impossible. Producing a single point of truth for the monthly accounts and sales reports is equally difficult.

Add to the inconvenience and difficulty the license cost of Magento commerce, SAP or other software, and you would have savings that would be enough to hire 2 or more full time resources to assist you in IT, marketing or operations. Now isn’t it better to invest in your business than your systems.
Add to the inconvenience and difficulty the license cost of Magento commerce, SAP or other software, and you would have savings that would be enough to hire 2 or more full time resources to assist you in IT, marketing or operations. Now isn’t it better to invest in your business than your systems.
End your frustrations with these systems and say hello to eGility. With eGility you get:

Unified customer view across channels

Customers can be added at the online store, POS and you get a single customer centric view across all channels you sell, without ever worrying about synchronization issues.

Unified Pricing, Promotions, Inventory, imagery across channels

Update price or image in the ERP and this information is used to publish to your online stores and POS. Inventory on all of your systems is presented in real time, without having to worry about incorrect inventory or promotions that work differently across various platforms because they are separate systems.

Lighting fast ecommerce site

30,000 or 100,000+ products or custom pricing for customers. eGility leverages Drupal, used by top sites like, MTV, Sony, NYSE to deliver super fast response to millions of visitors a day.

A complete ERP system

Complete financials, supply chain management, product, customer and CRM system based on Adempiere, used by many companies that have moved from SAP, MS Dynamics, Pronto, Sage for its simplicity and efficiency.

No software Licensing fees ever

As eGility leverages Drupal and Adempiere that are pure open source, you don’t have to pay any licensing costs ever!

Leading sites that use Drupal for ecommerce



Using services from Adaxa we were able to get an ecommerce system with ERP that allowed us to handle custom pricing based on the customer and allow orders to be taken in our call center or online and have the complete picture of our customers in our Adempiere system real time.

Our Offer

For less than the cost of one year Magento Enterprise Premium Subscription you receive:
  • Your site converted as is to Drupal for online commerce
  • All your products, categorization imported to Adempiere ERP
  • Full financials with standard Australian Chart of accounts, Australian Tax set up, profit and sales reporting.
  • Setup of Inventory, CRM, two Price books – web and trade, Upload tools
  • 10 days of training on your ERP system



  • Can I see a demonstration of such a ERP + e commerce system?

    You can see a working demonstration of the e commerce system system here. Unlike traditional e commerce systems that have its own product, pricing, discounting and customer engine this e commerce system uses an ERP system to drive the commerce website.

  • Do you provide ERP implementation services?

    We partner with Adaxa the leading global specialist with Adempiere rollouts to deliver eGility.

  • Can I see a demonstration of this ERP system?

    Please contact us and you can gain access to a demonstration ERP system that drives the e commerce webstore.

  • Will this ERP system be able to handle my business requirements?

    ERP systems have an inherent level of complexity that enables the business to grow. Every business is unique. If you are considering or using SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Pronto or other proprietary ERP system, chances are Adempiere will provide equivalent functionality to handle your specific business requirements. Similar to Drupal CMS you are only paying for the ERP engineer's time as opposed to paying royalty fees to companies that don't care about your business growth.

  • What is the cost of this platform?

    Similar to Drupal, Adempiere is completely royalty free for ever. Unlike Magento that claims to be open source to get you buy their paid software licensed Magento, Adempiere and Drupal are fully open source - no royalty/licensing fees ever. You can get a competitive edge over your competition with superior software and lower operating costs.