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Drupal Responsive Site

Your current site with optimum viewing experience for all devices in three weeks or less without disrupting your web business

  • Best viewing experience across desktops, laptop, tablets and mobile
  • Enhance user experience and see reduction in bounce rates across the growing tablet and mobile platform
  • Increase your search traffic by following Google recommended best practices
  • “Google recommends web masters follow the industry best practices of responsive web design, namely serving the same HTML for all devices and using only CSS media queries to decide the rendering on each device”.


Browsing on smart phones is not as rewarding as initially thought. Too much content squeezed into a small screen. There is constant need to zoom in and out. Slow page download puts off many of the users and it is also difficult to fill forms on a small screen. With your analytics and research you know that mobile and tablet usage is growing and your conversions on these platforms doesn’t come close to your web experience. Managing a single site is challenging in itself and managing a seperate mobile site brings significant costs and management headaches.

With our “One Site For All Devices” method we convert your existing site to work across tablets and mobiles without having to manage several sites to cater for the growing mobile and tablet markets. There is no need for a new design. We use the current design to create a flexible theme that reshapes itself according to the device that visits it.

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In the first two months that my e-commerce site designed with POWERFULCMS has been live, my daily traffic is easily double the level it was with my previous site, while the number of orders is already equal to that from the entire previous year. I am yet to implement many of the strategies we've discussed, and am extremely confident that results will rise exponentially from here once all strategies are bedded down.

A Drupal e-commerce site + strategies devised by POWERFULCMS = a solid revenue generating machine.
Andrew Crellin, Managing Director of Sterling & Currency

61% of mobile users call a business after searching and 90% of these users act within 24 hours. (Google “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users,” 2011)

Our clients who are using responsive design


  • My site has many templates. Is this service available for complex sites?

    Yes. We convert each template to a mobile and tablet friendly format.

  • I am using Joomla - does your service cover certains CMSs only?

    Currently we are offering this service primarly for Drupal and Wordpress only. Please contact us with your custom CMS and we will be in touch.

  • Will my site be impacted during this conversion?

    No. We will work on a development environment where the experience is tested throughly before moving the work to your live site.

  • What is the difference between responsive design and mobile site design?

    The difference between responsive design and mobile design is that a site built with responsive design will have the same URL for desktop, mobile and tablets whereas an optimized mobile site has a different mobile URL.

  • Does your service use automated tools to create the various layouts?

    Unlike various automated approaches in the market that involve you creating seperate layouts for tablets and mobiles, we approach this in a unique way. The resulting code resides on your server thereby eliminating any new recurring costs.