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Drupal Lightspeed

Ring in sales faster with the most intuitive POS system with an integrated e-commerce site that is both SEO and mobile friendly

  • Your Lightspeed Commerce POS with the most advanced search friendly, mobile friendly e-commerce website
  • Enable cross selling across iPads, iPhones, web store or your cash register POS
  • Update your products, inventory and purchases on your POS systems and your inventory, imagery and prices are automatically updated on the website
  • “LightSpeed Retail melds couch shopping with the real thing, offering the legion of iPhone and iPad aficionados a way to enhance their bricks-and-mortar retail experience with the versatility of the virtual”.
    - Financial Post

Xsilva LightSpeed Mobile brings Apple Store-like checkout capabilities from an iPad or iPhone that is both intuitive and attractive. Running the lightspeed opensource ecommerce with a separate Wordpress site to manage blogs and content isn’t pretty. Your ecommerce store needs to be both visually appealing, seo friendly, adapt to various mobile, tablet platforms and scale. Running Magento commerce means managing yet another database for products, customers from your Point of Sale system and keeping everything manually in sync is not your idea for growing your online business. Introducing Drupal Lightspeed a fully integrated ecommerce system capable of dramatically altering the visual presentation and enhancing the existing web store functionality.

It does this with Xsilva’s LightSpeed Retail as the system of record for products, customers, inventory and sales.

  • SEO friendly - Keyword rich URLs that help your products to be found in Google search easily, while allowing you to submit your product feeds to various marketplaces
  • Central database for products, pricing and inventory -- No more synchronisation errors or reporting inaccurate inventory counts online
  • One system for blogs, forums and community elements - Easier to manage and consistent branding experience across the site.
  • Flexible, Brandable and Scalable - The site can be extended with additional features unique to your business
  • One adaptable site for all devices - mobile, desktop and tablet - User experience across different screen sizes based on where the traffic is coming from.

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In the first two months that my e-commerce site designed with POWERFULCMS has been live, my daily traffic is easily double the level it was with my previous site, while the number of orders is already equal to that from the entire previous year. I am yet to implement many of the strategies we've discussed, and am extremely confident that results will rise exponentially from here once all strategies are bedded down.

A Drupal e-commerce site + strategies devised by POWERFULCMS = a solid revenue generating machine.

- Andrew Crellin, Managing Director of Sterling & Currency

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  • Can I change my website content easily whenever I want?

    Yes, Products, pricing and imagery are automatically updated from your Lightspeed retail POS. Drupal WYSIWYG is one of the top 3 content management systems powering the top million sites. The editor is similar to MS Word and easily changeable. Blogs, forums, pages can be added, modified and deleted with ease. No HTML or other technical knowledge needed.

  • Will my current traffic be impacted with the site change?

    No. We take extensive care to map all your existing urls to new SEO friendly URLs. Your existing traffic will not be impacted.

  • Do you provide Lightspeed implementation services?

    No. We partner with authorized service providers for implementation of LightSpeed POS.

  • Magento Commerce has an annual subscription cost. How is Drupal LightSpeed priced?

    Unlike Magento Commerce, Drupal LightSpeed is a complete solution with no royalty or licensing cost.

  • Do I get to keep my current content which is already on the site?

    Drupal LightSpeed allows you to manage all the product content from your POS system. This means that you enter your products once and the same information gets presented on the website thereby eliminating the need to have 2 systems to manage the product.