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Drupal Development & Support

Rocket fuel for online achievers watch your web business take off!

  • End your dependence on proprietary CMS that can't keep up with the pace of web 2.0 and social media explosion
  • Get a secure CMS that is independently tested for online threats and vulnerabilities
  • No licensing or royalty fees ever

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by one or more of the following online business dilemmas, we can help you.

  • Do you want to expand on your brick and mortar business revenue with an online business to serve your clients?

    Businesses need to be strategic to serve the needs of their clients in the most efficient manner. Having an online presence gives your business a competitive edge while supporting the goals of the brick and mortar business. Irrespective of the business complexity or rules driving payment collection we can develop the same offering online.

  • Is your web business confusing everyone with too many separate systems?

    We’ll integrate all of your various systems into one simple system that will make dealing with your business easy and efficient.

  • Are you using a proprietary CMS and afraid what will happen to your business if your current web developer is sick or run over by a bus?

    The risk with little known CMS that have one or two developers is massive. Many businesses find themselves hostage after the initial development where new features needed for your businesses require exorbitant pricess. With Drupal you have a range of developers that you can choose from and a vibrant community. We aim to be the Drupal development company that gives the best client service.

  • Do you have an idea and found that Drupal’s module library has over 7,000 modules and one or more of them can do just what you need for your business?

    Drupal is one of the most extensible CMS platforms in the market with over 7.000 modules. When you engage Powerful CMS for your development, you are engaging the expertise of an organization that has spent the last 5 years with one technology, training and contributing to its code base. We can build your idea in the most efficient way possible.

Companies using Drupal CMS


Why we think Drupal is the world’s best CMS

  • Drupal has won three consecutive Webware 100 Awards for best CMS — in 2009 against 300 finalists selected from 6,000 nominations — so it’s not just our opinion!
  • Drupal offers exceptional ability to scale, search engine optimisation that Google loves, and configuration of any design as a content management system with enterprise CMS capabilities.
  • The system is easy to use, and can be customised to suit your unique requirements at a very reasonable cost – probably far less than you imagine.

How we can help your business

Since 2007, PowerfulCMS has been building highly successful Drupal-based corporate presence, ecommerce, learning management and social networking sites.

We have a proven track record in working closely with our clients to achieve their online goals, including e-commerce store and shopping cart store applications.

We also integrate Drupal with customer relationship management and enterprise planning tools.

  • Migrations:
    Migrate your proprietary CMS, Drupal 4.x, 5.x to Drupal 6.x or static HTML pages.
  • Theme Development:
    Convert your custom designs into Drupal CMS with all features realized.
  • Consulting:
    Consulting or training to deploy Drupal in Amazon’s EC2 cloud or scalable platforms.
  • Learning Management Systems:
    Learning Management systems (LMS) for your online training and development goals.
  • Integration:
    Integrating Drupal with your ERP or CRM system. We also work with integration with Infusionsoft CRM.

So... are you ready to launch your business into cyberspace?

Our clients who are using Drupal


  • My Drupal developer is leaving after having developed our site. Can you provide equivalent services?

    This is a common scenario we encounter often. Whether it is providing Drupal development assistance or Drupal project rescue we are able to provide an equivalent service. Unlike a traditional developer who may come in to your office to work, we provide services online. You benefit from a team of resources who are skilled at delivering to your business requirements without having to start from scratch when a developer leaves, giving your business the specialist IT skills needed to grow.

  • Can you convert my proprietary web platform to Drupal? How much would this cost?

    We have the experience of migrating from various proprietary CMSs into Drupal. We undertake such projects on a fixed price quote that we deliver usually in a few weeks.

  • What are your hourly rates?

    We offer competitive hourly rates. Where possible we provide fixed price quotes as we find that because of our focus on one technology we are able to complete the work is far fewer hours as compared to the leading high price developers in the market.

  • We have complex systems running Oracle Financials – can you connect my web platform to my ERP?

    We have worked with Oracle Financials, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Pronto and other external systems. These systems provide an API method for access that is how we would develop your custom solution so that you don’t have to move data in spreadsheets or CSV files.

  • Does this web platform help me with SEO or increasing online sales?

    While Drupal is a search engine optimized platform increasing sales online requires you to have a systemised process for managing your leads, enquiries, prospects and customers. We currently use Infusionsoft for our CRM and in the past have worked with Salesforce, Sugar CRM and other platforms. We have a good track record of helping companies adopt and standardize sales operations with good CRM based management practices. Talk to an expert to find out what is right for you.