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Create site maps in Drupal

A sitemap is a representation of all the content on your site. When you have a lot of content, sitemaps act as navigation pointers for visitors who may have trouble finding something on your site. You can use sitemaps to guide search engines spiders to find all the content you have created. Google requires a XML based sitemap to locate all the content you have on your site.

If you don’t provide an XML sitemap, search engine spiders will still attempt to index content on your site. However by guiding search engines to search friendly content you have created, you can increase the chances of your content to be indexed and found in search results.

To create an XML sitemap I am going to use an external application. The XML sitemap module that is part of Drupal has a issues that are being worked on. As this module becomes usable this will likely become the XML sitemap module of choice. I have added the link to the XML sitemap module if you are anxious to get the latest working one on your own..


  • XML SItemap Module
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • XML Sitemap Creator


In this video you will see how to enable sitemaps.