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How to install Drupal Themes

In this module you will learn how to upload a custom Drupal theme for your site.

The video covers how to install a new theme and not how to create a theme. Designing a theme requires good knowledge of HTML, CSS and some PhP scripting. You can get custom designed themes from USD $150 depending on the complexity.

You can search at Drupal for specialized designers or you may contact us for suggestions.

To install a custom theme you can view the available themes from Drupal. Download a theme to your computer and then unzip it using the gzip unzip tool. Once unzipped you need to transfer the files directly to the themes folder of your installation using ftp. Alternatively you can get a custom theme developed specifically for your site.

Once all the required files are installed you can view the theme by selecting it from Administer » Site building » Theme section of your installation.

If you find yourself with out a login dialogue box and you have logged out of Drupal,

you can use the below URL to login in -
with clean file enabled -
without clean file -


  • Many additional free themes to choose from
  • Get a customized theme for your site
  • Gunzip uncompress tool


In this video you will see how to install a new theme.