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How to use blog in Drupal

The basics on themes:

Adding a blog or youtube video in Drupal is real easy. Adding a video to your blog can give your users a powerful visual experience about the message you wish to convey. YouTube provides you with the code to insert in to your HTML text to show a particular video on your site rather than from YouTube. The video is hosted at YouTube however users will remain on your site when viewing a YouTube video.
When adding such object types to your content select the php code input format type or Full Html from the input format section of your content creation.

You can use these same steps to insert any externally hosted Web 2.0 application code on your site (google videos, dabbledb, zoho, jaxtr)


  • Youtube videos
  • Google videos
  • Dabbledb
  • zoho
  • jaxtr


In this video you will learn how to add YouTube video contents to your blog and use trackbacks