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Other Drupal Modules

Drupal is one of the best modular designed content management system. You can find new modules almost daily at Drupal. If you are looking for a specific functionality beyond what you have seen so far, check the contributed code base before seeking custom development options. If you develop a useful module consider contributing it back to the open source community.

To install a new module search for the available modules based on features for the 5.x version. Download the module and any dependencies specified by the contributors. You will need the gunzip to unzip the files to your desktop and you can transfer the files to the modules directory of your Drupal installation. Once transferred you will the module in the list of modules at Administer » Site building » Module. You can enable your newly added module. Some modules may add new blocks or menu listings.


In this video you will see how to add a new module to your Drupal 5.x CMS