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Drupal CMS - Create CMS Video Tutorials

Many of our readers have requested for large screen image for the videos. You can have access to them by registering in the blue box on your right. The contents are also available without registration, however, the videos are YouTube videos. This is a step by step video tutorial for creating your website using an opensource content management system called Drupal CMS. There are about 35 videos that take you step by step from registering your domain all the way through configuring it with advanced features like - shopping cart, document workflow, image galleries, surveys, forums, polls, wikis and much more.

Event This tutorial series has four objectives:

  • Inform you on the benefits of using a powerful content management system for your internet presence
  • Get your online domain name and web hosting for enabling this powerful CMS.
  • Install Drupal with the latest modules, themes and configuration to manage your content and products effectively.
  • Create web pages, blogs, news feeds, aggregated content, forms, stories, images, surveys, polls and sell products or services online easily with the goal of being discovered in the search results and build a local customer base online.

Here are five reasons why you should use Drupal Content Management System for your website:

  • Consistent Branding: Many sites use numerous separate applications like WordPress for blogs, SurveyMonkey for surveys, Oscommerce for shopping cart, etc. This makes a site look inconsistent as your user base does not associate your company with your brand. If you are doing all the hard work why not have your blog, survey, poll, e-commerce, content, images and any web content with one consistent look and feel – The Brand You Create.
  • Simplicity: You can get your site up and functional in less than a week. The system is easy to learn and follow. Using the videos you can learn how to create any content you want and get it to rank in the search engines for those terms. Creating document, inserting youtube videos, creating image galleries and selling online is breeze.
  • Flexibility: Drupal is a modular content management system. If you do not need a module you can choose not to add or activate it. If your need a functionality like forums, wiki, or other third party integration you can easily add this to your CMS with consistent branding.
  • Freedom: You have the freedom to add or delete web pages with ease and not be dependent ofyour web design firm, SEO or any one else.
  • Affordability: Drupal is an open source software. There are no costs involved in getting your website with Drupal. Using my step by step videos will save you time and money and you can create a web site with a top end content management system for free, with the below features: integrated blog, forms, polls or surveys, ecommerce store, content versioning, forums, videos, document workflow, news aggregation - just about anything possible on the web!
    Watch the below video to understand the benefits of using a content management system to create your website. Use the arrow buttons to move to the next video in series (There are 35+ training videos showing you how to create a content management system for your website, using Drupal all free)

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